What is Tullopy?

How many hours did you spend on social media today? Be honest; we won’t judge you. Because here’s the truth: we get it. We’re all social creatures. We want to connect, share, feel seen, and stay informed. Not only do we get it, we want the same thing, too…minus the caveats, of course. Because let’s be real; currently, social media is saturated with mechanisms that only seek to serve themselves. For many, it seems like the needs of the end-users are an after-thought.

Tullopy was created with YOU in mind. It is a social learning and networking platform for Nigerian millennials that allows them to connect, network, learn and earn.

Here, you can bring your authentic selves to the table, and get your connection fix, all the while growing. It is the first social learning and networking community in Africa that rewards its members. We’re committed to seeing you soar.

What can I do on Tullopy?

  1. Connect with community members by sending friend/connection requests
  2. Send out invites to your friends through your profile (see Fig. 1)
  3. Share posts on your feed like you already do on Facebook and Twitter
  4. Get your glow-up on by taking courses and reading articles in the Tullopy Library & Blog
  5. And MUCH MORE!
  6. While doing this, please pay attention to the community guidelines

How do I send an invite?

Click on Menu, My Connections and you will find the Send Invite option

Fig. 1

How do I earn on Tullopy?

To ensure nobody is left out, the platform was structured to award credits to community members as they continue to interact with the platform. For instance, you are awarded credits for signing in daily, taking courses from the library, and sending out invites to friends. Once you hit a milestone of 1500 credits, you can request a withdrawal; 1500 credits exchanges for 1000 Naira. 

P.S. Withdrawal is processed weekly (i.e. on Fridays)

Thank you for joining us! We will continue to update this article as the need arises [Last Updated: October 11, 2021]

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