What is time management

The Art of Time Management: How To Effectively Manage Your Time

Have you ever felt that no matter how hard you work, it just doesn’t seem like you’re getting anywhere? Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with life’s responsibilities that the thought of spending time on anything else seems impossible? If this sounds familiar, then read on to learn more about how to effectively manage your time.

What is Time Management?

Time management, as a topic of discussion is an important one. It should be discussed at least weekly because time management does affect every aspect of our life from the moment we wake up until the second we go to sleep. 

I know that may seem extreme but think about this for a minute… when you are working on your monthly budget do you start in January or June? When planning out how much money you will spend per month on groceries would you rather have 16 weeks worth of food shopping left over after payday or only 12? 

These are all examples where effective time management techniques can make your life easier and save you money. But what exactly is time management?

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Time Management is the process of effectively organizing and using resources to complete tasks to achieve specific goals. One thing that I have found with my students when teaching them about effective time management techniques, it’s best to start with two simple principles: plan ahead and then stick to your plan. 

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These are probably some of the most important steps you can take towards a more stress-free life… but how do we go from planning our days down on paper or typing up a monthly budget into an excel sheet until it becomes second nature? Well, there are many different ways for us all to get better at this whole “time” thing but today I will focus on some time management skills that can be used by everyone regardless of age, gender or profession.

All the planning in the world won’t help you if you don’t take action and get started on your tasks so I am going to give you a few tips that have helped me over the years when it comes to time management.

How To Effectively Manage Your Time

Learn about time management techniques you can try today. Within time management, there are different time management techniques that can be adopted. 

The time management technique that will work for you is dependent on your individual needs and goals. There isn’t one time management system or method that works for everyone because people have unique preferences when it comes to how they like to manage their time. 

For example, some individuals prefer the Pomodoro Technique while others may find planning out tasks with a weekly planner more effective in helping them stay organized. Here are some popular options :

  • Write down daily “to do” lists
  • Utilizing sticky notes as reminders
  • Eating a big breakfast
  • Utilizing calendars and planners to schedule important events or tasks throughout the day, week, month, etc.

Time Management Apps

The first step to better time management is getting your life organized. There are several apps available for both Android and iOS that can help you get this done, as well as keep track of the rest of your schedule. 

Many have been designed specifically for those constantly on the go with busy schedules so they’re full-featured without being overwhelming. You don’t need any special training to use these programs either since they all come ready with easy interfaces and quick setups so you can start getting things done right away.

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Time Management Apps for Android & iPhone

Project management apps are a great way to get your schedule together. The Todoist app is available on iOS and Android, making it easy no matter what platform you prefer to use. 

It’s designed specifically with busy people in mind so everything you need can be found within the same place without having to switch between many different programs or services. You can keep track of the tasks that come up every day, as well as those which take more planning out ahead of time like long-term goals or anything else that requires a bit more thought before getting started. 

There are also features for keeping things organized by the project when working with large groups instead of just focusing on yourself alone if necessary. This makes it much easier to get the right tasks done at the right time without having to worry about anything else. This means you don’t have to pick just one device or another when using this program but instead do what best fits your needs at any given moment whether that be working from your computer or using your phone.

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Time Management Exercises

Time management exercises are a great way to learn about how you work as well as the best ways for you to manage your time. In addition, these activities can be used by people of all ages and abilities, from those with ADD/ADHD to seniors wanting to keep their minds sharp. Here are some examples:

  • Multiple choice questions on what I already read today. A good way for me to remember it more easily is through reading them out loud! And answering each question in full sentences helps too 🙂
  • Remembering things that happened earlier in the day or week instead of just letting them slip away -Being able to accurately estimate how much time a particular task will take


Overall, you have all you need to better manage your time efficiently. However, to master the art of time management you need to deliberately practice the tips shared above, only then can you actualize proper management of your time.  

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