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  • How to validate a business idea before quitting my job?

    Posted by Christian on December 19, 2023 at 5:47 pm

    Hey there, fellow dream-chaser! Validating a business idea before leaping from the corporate cliff is smart. Here’s the lowdown for beginners:

    1. Talk it out: Don’t bottle it up! Chat with potential customers (friends, family, online communities) about your idea. See their eyes light up? Bingo, potential demand. Glazed stares? Time to refine.

    2. Minimum Viable Product (MVP): Skip the bells and whistles for now. Build a basic version of your product or service with duct tape and elbow grease. Offer it at a discount or even for free. Does it solve a real problem? Do people pay (even a little)? You’re on the right track!

    3. Get clicky: Online validation is your friend. Run targeted ads, post on relevant forums, and see if people click. High click-through rates? They’re curious, which is good. Ghost town? Back to the drawing board.

    4. Pre-sell: Imagine your masterpiece is ready. Would people pre-order? Set up a landing page, offer early access discounts, and gauge the buzz. Lots of eager beavers? Fire up the production line! Tumbleweeds? Rethink the design.

    Lastly, validation is a conversation, not a one-shot test. Keep refining based on feedback, and don’t be afraid to pivot. And hey, even if it’s not an instant home run, you’ll gain invaluable experience. Now go forth and validate like a boss.

    P.S. Don’t quit your job just yet. Bootstrap while you can, build momentum, and then take the plunge with confidence. Happy hustling👏

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