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  • Are people who went to college more successful?

    Posted by Christian on December 29, 2022 at 6:21 pm

    The short answer to this question is no—not necessarily. College education can certainly help elevate one’s career and financial prospects, but it isn’t the sole determinant of success.

    It all depends on how much effort an individual puts into their college experience and what they get out of it. There are countless qualities that make someone successful, such as charisma, determination, hard work, creativity, problem-solving skills, and so on. These characteristics don’t require a college degree to develop nor do all people with degrees have them in spades. Furthermore, there are plenty of examples of entrepreneurial individuals who dropped out of college (such as Bill Gates), or those who pursued alternate paths not involving higher education that achieved great success – take JK Rowling for instance.

    But don’t mistake my argument against pursuing a college degree- I’m not suggesting here that someone should avoid going down this path altogether! A good number of jobs now require at least some level of university qualification which makes having said piece of parchment rather important if you want to work in certain industries or even advance through the ranks more quickly anywhere else! And even if you’re looking for something unique a college provides an invaluable opportunity to meet other passionate young professionals who will play an integral role later on in your life whether directly or indirectly. Plus sometimes simply crossing off all course requirements provides an essential sense of fulfillment alone – nothing wrong with being proud of yourself when conquering new challenges!

    So overall it’s unfair to say one should go to college just for the purpose of becoming successful because success doesn’t boil down only to grades. It helps shape your attitude toward life and gives you the opportunity to grow socially and professionally while offering valuable resources along the way. So treat it not like a must step towards getting rich but instead as a chance to gain knowledge, and refine skills while making wonderful memories.

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