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  • 15 Best Free AI Apps for iPhone in 2023

    Posted by Christian on August 23, 2023 at 7:09 pm

    Changing the Way We Live, Learn, and Play

    AI applications have improved our daily lives in an age dominated by technological advancements. Whether you want to identify objects in photos, improve your English pronunciation, or get help with anxiety, there’s an AI app. Let’s dive into the 15 best free AI apps for iPhone in 2023 and their use cases.

    1. Lensa AI
    Use Case: Have you ever wondered about the name of a plant or a historical landmark? Lensa AI is your go-to. It identifies objects, landmarks, and even flora in your pictures, making every photo a potential learning opportunity.

    2. WOMBO Dream
    Use Case: Transform your ordinary photos or text prompts into stunning AI-generated artwork. Perfect for creating unique social media posts or digital art.

    3. Perplexity AI
    Use Case: Whether you’re trying to compose a heartfelt letter, write a catchy song, or even draft some code, Perplexity AI assists in creating beautiful content across various domains.

    4. Replika: My AI Friend
    Use Case: Loneliness has met its match. Engage with a chatbot that adapts to your personality, understands your needs, and provides emotional support, mimicking a real friend’s conversation.

    5. Socratic by Google
    Use Case: Stuck on a challenging math problem or a complex science concept? Socratic is like having a tutor in your pocket. Simply input your query, and the AI works its magic.

    6. ELSA: Learn And Speak English
    Use Case: For non-native speakers or those looking to perfect their English accent and grammar, ELSA provides AI-powered feedback to hone your language skills.

    7. Rizz AI
    Use Case: Personalized entertainment recommendations are just a tap away. Rizz AI sifts through your preferences and suggests movies, TV shows, music, and books tailored just for you.

    8. Microsoft Bing
    Use Case: More than a search engine; Bing harnesses AI to enhance web searches, provide language translations, and answer questions with unparalleled accuracy.

    9. Genie AI Chatbot
    Use Case: From booking appointments to making dinner reservations, Genie AI Chatbot acts as a personal assistant, easily handling various tasks.

    10. Youper – CBT Therapy
    Use Case: Mental health is crucial. Youper offers AI-driven cognitive behavioral therapy, aiding those struggling with anxiety and depression by offering insights and coping mechanisms.

    11. Luma AI
    Use Case: Take a photo, and Luma AI provides insights into your skin health, recommending potential treatments or skincare routines.

    12. Seeing AI
    Use Case: A revolutionary app for the visually impaired, Seeing AI narrates the world around them, offering descriptions of objects, people, and text.

    13. FaceApp
    Use Case: Add a touch of flair to your photos. Whether you want to age, de-age, or apply various filters, FaceApp’s AI capabilities ensure your images stand out.

    14. Otter AI
    Use Case: Transform spoken words into written text. Perfect for journalists, students, or professionals, Otter AI accurately transcribes audio and video.

    15. Be My Eyes
    Use Case: A community-driven app, Be My Eyes, connects visually impaired users with sighted volunteers. Volunteers can assist users in “seeing” objects or situations using their cameras through the app.

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