What You Know Before Asking Your Crush Out in College

7 Rules to Observe Before Asking Your Crush Out in School

If you’re an undergraduate and have a crush on someone, it can be tricky to know if they like you. It’s essential to take your time before asking them out so that they don’t think you’re just desperate or something. Here are seven rules that will help make sure this doesn’t happen.

1. Be confident

When it comes to asking your crush out, confidence is critical. It will be pronounced if you’re not feeling confident, and your crush is likely to turn you down. Instead, focus on your positive qualities and remind yourself that you deserve someone amazing.

2. Do your research

Before asking your crush out, take the time to get to know them better. Find out what they’re interested in and what makes them laugh. This will help you come up with the perfect date idea and make sure that you’re on the same page.

3. Be yourself

Don’t try to be someone you’re not to impress your crush. They’ll be able to tell if you’re faking it, and they’ll be turned off by your attempt to “fit in”. Just be yourself.

What You Know Before Asking Your Crush Out in College
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4. Make sure they’re not already taken.

It seems like a pretty straightforward process, right? You find someone you like, and then ask them on a date. The first and most important thing to do is make sure they’re not already taken.

If they’re in a relationship, there’s no point in doing anything because it will lead to drama and heartache.

So if your crush isn’t dating anyone or is single, great! Now it’s time to make sure they’re interested in you too. This might sound like the hard part, but all you need to do is be confident and wait for an opening for them to spark up a conversation about liking you back.

5. Know their schedule and what you’ll be doing together before asking them out

Know their schedule and what you’ll be doing together before asking them out before asking your crush out. For example, if you’re taking an art class with them, ask to meet later for lunch or dinner. If you’re in the same philosophy class, try to find a desk next to them.

If you’ve made eye contact throughout the day, don’t be afraid to message them, “Hey, I think it’s only fair that we introduce ourselves.”

It’s also smart to know how they feel about dating someone before asking them out. Some people want to remain friends, while others are open to dating.

It can be hard to tell by just looking at someone whether they’re into dating or not. However, you can tell by how they act, dress and talk.

6. Ask in person (not over text)

When it comes to asking someone out, there’s nothing quite as nerve-wracking as doing it in person. You can avoid all that anxiety by sending a text, but there are a lot of drawbacks to that approach.

Your crush may not have the time or inclination to answer your text. They may also misinterpret your intentions if you’re not clear in your message.

The best way to ask someone out is in person. This allows them to hear your voice and see your face. It also provides for a more casual conversation, making the asking out process less nerve-wracking.

Plus, if they say no, you can always blame it because you were nervous.

7. If they say no, don’t give up hope – ask someone else.

Don’t give up hope if your crush says no or doesn’t show interest. It’s prevalent for people to find themselves turned down by the person they like, so take this as a sign that they’re not interested and look elsewhere.

  • Stop badgering them about it
  • Act like you’re not interested either (unless you are interested in someone else)
  • Look for other people who might be into you
  • Keep it cool
What You Know Before Asking Your Crush Out in School

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a way to make your crush feel special and want them to say yes, don’t give up hope – ask someone else before asking them out.

After all, it’s likely that you’re not the only person who has caught their eye or is interested in spending time with them. When you get rejected by one of these people, there are plenty more fish in the sea!

The best thing about love is that it can happen anywhere, but if you want something to work out quickly so as not to be alone for too long, take a breather first and look around. You never know what might happen next…

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