Late invoice got you down? Learn 6 painless ways to remind clients & get paid on time.

6 Quick Reminders to Get Paid on Time 

Late invoice payments can strain any small business budget. Here’s how to nudge clients to settle up without the awkwardness:

  1. Friendly Pre-Payment nudge

A quick email a few days before the due date reminding them of the invoice and offering different payment options is a gentle way to jog their memory.

  1. Crystal Clear Subject Lines

Emails with clear subject lines like “Payment Reminder: Invoice #123” and the attached invoice itself make it easy for clients to find the info they need.

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  1. Professional & Positive Tone

Stay professional but friendly. “Hi [Client Name], Hope all is well! This is a friendly reminder about invoice #123 for [amount] which is due on [due date].”

  1. Follow Up After Due Date

If the invoice goes unpaid, a polite follow-up email mentioning it’s overdue is key. “We haven’t received your payment for invoice #123 yet. Just checking if you have any questions.”

  1. Late Fee Reminder (if applicable)

If you have late fees in your payment terms, a friendly reminder can emphasize the importance of timely payment.

  1. Consider a Phone Call

For persistent delays, a quick call can clear up confusion and add a personal touch.

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